Staffing Services

  • Attorneys
  • Paralegals
  • Secretaries
  • Document Coders

Our trained and polished professionals are pre-screened and pre-tested. Many of our candidates are personal referrals and their work quality and professionalism has been verified in the workplace.

Transcript Summaries

  • Deposition
  • Trial Transcript
  • Medical Records
  • Arbitration/Mediation

We provide concise summaries prepared by a staff of experienced paralegals. Quick turn-around time with three levels of quality control.

Preparation wins cases!

Live Note Issue Coding

  • Key Testimony Highlighted
  • Annotated Transcripts
  • Manage Crucial Issues
  • Key Issue Reports

Build stronger cases by locating important issues within multiple transcripts quickly. Let us issue code your transcripts so you can compare vital witness testimony about your key issues.

Audio Transcription

  • Meetings
  • Hearings
  • Interviews/Statement
  • Medical Transcription

Don't waste valuable staff time. Our legal word processing staff is available to transcribe your tapes in Word or Word Perfect using your choice of formats.

The Legal Edge...

We adhere to the highest personal and professional standards. As a boutique staffing service, we can offer our clients the personal touch in finding just the right candidate to fill your staffing needs.

To handle your outsourcing projects, our experienced team is at your service. Since 1991, our paralegal staff has prepared comprehensive and concise Deposition Summaries and Trial Transcript Summaries.

We also offer a variety of Transcription Services including Legal Transcription and Medical Transcriptionin Los Angeles.


Certified Loan Signing Agent/Traveling Notary

Do you need a knowledgeable and experienced loan signing agent for your real estate loan documents?

  • Professional, accurate and reliable services available 7 days a week.
  • Providing loan document signing in all Southern California Counties.
  • Available to receive and print e-docs, e-fax and print faxed documents.
  • Certified, insured, bonded.
  • Member of National Notary Association, Notary Signing Agent Section.
  • Certified by Notary Public Seminars' Preferred Notary Association.
  • Member of Notary Public Seminars' Preferred Notary Association.

Please call us for a quote. Prices vary according to distance traveled and any document pickup/dropoff or print/copy/fax requirements. Discounts offered for back-to-back in-office signings.

A Notary Public/Signing Agent cannot give legal advice. We are not agents of either the borrower or lender and therefore cannot render legal advice nor give any opinion of the loan or its terms during the course of the loan signing.